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Search Help for Checklist of Correspondence

 The search fields are not case-sensitive, and they require no punctuation. Diacritical marks and ligatures should be entered as plain text: Thérèse as Therese; Boncœur as Boncoeur.

 Date:    Enter dates in the form of YYYYMMDD. Searches can also be made by year only (YYYY) and year and month only (YYYYMM). To create a range of dates, fill in the fields both to the left and the right of the hyphen. Entering 1855 - 18550215 returns all letters from the start of 1855 through 15 February 1855. Entering 1855 - 1855 returns all letters written in 1855. For undated letters enter 99999999.

 Author, Recipient, Correspondent: For Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning, the abbreviations EBB and RB may be used. Enter surnames and given names in any order: Milsand Claire and Claire Milsand generate the same results. Entering Milsand alone returns all Milsands. Entering Claire alone returns all Claires. A surname or given name that constitutes part of a longer name returns the longer name as well. The more words that are entered, the narrower the search results. To see a list of correspondents, click on the List button to the right of the Correspondent field. To save typing, a name can be dragged and dropped from the list into the appropriate field.

 Sorted by: When only one field is filled, the sort order defaults to that field. When more than one field has been filled, the sort order defaults to date order. To change a search result sort order, select an option from the drop-down list.