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Search Help for Altham Catalogue of Collections

The search fields are not case-sensitive.

Date: Enter dates in the form of YYYYMMDD. Searches can also be made by year only (YYYY) and year and month only (YYYYMM). To create a range of years, fill in the fields both to the left and the right of the “to”. Entering 1820 to 1825 returns all entries from the start of 1820 through 1825. To search for dates within inscriptions and on manuscripts, see Description below.

Name: Search this field for authors, editors, artists, etc. To see a list of names, click on the “T” button to the right of the Name field, then the drop-down list. To save typing, click on a name. Entering Cook, Henrietta generates her entries. Entering Cook alone returns all Cooks. Entering Henrietta alone returns all Henriettas. A surname or given name that constitutes part of a longer name returns the longer name as well. The more words that are entered, the narrower the search results. For Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning use the abbreviations EBB and RB.

Title: Entering words in any order will return all titles containing those words (and forms of them).

Description: As in the Name and Title fields, entering words will return all descriptions containing those words (and forms of them). The Description includes inscriptions, editorial comments, publication details, and cross-references to other entries. Many of the inscriptions and manuscripts contain significant dates. To see all such entries for the year 1875, simply enter 1875 in the field.

Section: To search through one section only, select an option from the drop-down list. Leaving the field blank returns all.

Entry Numbers: All entries are preceded by a number with a section letter prefix. This field is useful for tracing cross-references; enter the number as it appears. Entering only the letter prefix returns all entries in that section.

Sorted by: When only one field is filled, the sort order defaults to Entry Number order except in the case of Date, Title, Name, which default to their own orders. When more than one field has been filled, the sort order defaults to Entry Number order. To change a search result sort order, select an option from the drop-down list.