The Altham Archive Correspondence - About

This section provides a checklist of the letters in The Altham Archive. A standard form of entry has been adopted, the component parts and treatment of which are discussed below:


  1. The date of the letter: Information given without square brackets represents the writer’s own dating, although a uniform day/month/year sequence of presentation has been adopted.

    Any information contained within square brackets indicates editorial conjecture; such conjectural dating may be based on a postmark or on internal textual references. Any element of doubt is indicated by the use of a question mark within the square brackets, the doubt extending from the question mark to the closing square bracket. Thus, [16 March] [?1854] would indicate that the 16th March dating is fairly certain, although conjectured, but that the year is open to question. Letters that are not dated exactly are placed at their earliest possible dates.
  2. Names of writer(s) and recipient(s): In the case of letters jointly written, names are listed alphabetically; no attempt has been made to indicate which writer contributed the major share of the letter.
  3. Publication details: In cases where the letter has been published, a citation is given. When a letter has been published more than once, only the most accessible or complete version is cited. If the letter was only published in part, this is noted.
  4. Source of information: When the information contained in an entry is not based on an original manuscript, the source is provided.
  5. Commencement of letter: Whenever possible, the opening words of letters are given. Doing so provides a unique link of identification between the entry and the manuscript.
  6. Location of manuscript: All letters in the Altham Archive are located in the Armstrong Browning Library at Baylor University. This is given as the cue title “ABL/Altham” in square brackets, at the end of the entry.