The purpose of The Brownings: A Research Guide is to create and maintain a comprehensive research tool to facilitate the study of the works and lives of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning and their circle.

The Guide lists, in traditional bibliographical formats, all known Browning-related material. Checklists of the Brownings’ correspondence, contemporary reviews of their works, and supporting documents were released on 13 October 2001 as part of the Armstrong Browning Library Golden Jubilee. In April 2003, bibliographical descriptions were added of some 3,600 items of Browningiana that sold at Sotheby's 1913 Browning sale, together with roughly the same number of items with a different provenance. Bibliographical descriptions of printed works relating to the Brownings appeared in September 2003.

The bibliographical database of the Guide was made possible by a generous donation from Dr. & Mrs. Howard R. Dudgeon, Jr., of Waco, Texas.

The Guide also includes two components that focus on members of the Brownings’ circle. The first, based on Enid, Lady Layard’s Journal, went online in May 2004. The second, a catalogue of the Joseph Milsand Archive, appeared in November 2005. These components were made possible by the generosity of the Bob and Anna Wright Family Foundation of Vernon, Texas.

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